Jack Scott


Growing up in Wichita, I was always curious about how things work, how they go together. When something broke in our house, it went through my “recovery lab” before going into the burn barrel.

That curiosity turned to the built environment as I grew. I found jobs building bridges and framing houses. My curiosity flourished again when I discovered computers. I quickly realized I had the power to help visualize the built environment before it was built! I have since witnessed amazing advancements in the technology shaping architecture.

At 3ten, I am excited by the variety of projects we design and produce. This isn’t your typical cookie-cutter architecture work, and that is challenging and enjoyable to me. I love helping clients see their dreams come to life first with technology, then in real life.

Technology continues to advance and I enjoy being part of that growth. For example, I see the built environment from a whole new perspective when I fly my drone. (Drone flying was just a natural extension of my love for aviation combined with my radio controlled hobbies.) I’m always looking for the next tool that will advance architecture and construction, and help our clients visualize their dreams.

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