Adaptive reuse trampoline park

Written by: Chad Glenn

If you drive by the intersection of 1st Street and New York in Wichita, you will see the reuse of a former warehouse space into a place where you can jump, party and play. Get Air is a growing chain of trampoline parks with locations across the country, and now, finally here in Wichita.

The key question for this facility was how to convert a former warehouse into a state-of-the-art trampoline mecca. It sounds simple enough but when a facility is built as a storage warehouse, different building codes come into play because you’ll be packing it full with hundreds of people. Exiting requirements, restroom counts, parking, occupant flow, fire safety, etc., all have to be reexamined and adjusted as needed. One of the big hurdles for these types of projects is the raised platform required to elevate the trampolines. Not only does it need to be accessible for handicap patrons, but it also needs to meet fire code requirements to help protect the public. This is a unique use and is not addressed specifically in any fire code. We at 3ten worked closely with City of Wichita code officials, the City fire marshal’s office and a fire sprinkler engineer to ensure we created the safest and most cost-efficient approach to this unique opportunity. We all worked together bouncing ideas off each other (no pun intended) until we came to a solution that not only meet the client’s budget constraints but the code officials’ concerns as well. Getting early involvement and input from all the players involved often times results in a solution that can satisfy all.

Now back to what you will see when you decide to Jump Around. Or, even just Jump, Jump.

As you walk in and sign your waiver you can grab a quick refreshment to energize yourself or head straight to one of the many trampolines. Dodge ball court, basket-dunking goals and open jump areas are just some of the zones to enjoy. Traditional dodge ball is fun but let’s see if you can dodge while five feet in the air! There are also long lengths of trampolines that end in a foam pit so you can practice your flips. They are recorded and – with a delayed play back – you can review your every flip.

The new, hot thing is called a slack line and it challenges fun-seekers to find out how far can you make it across without falling. The younger kids are also taken care of in their own area, separated from the rest of the trampolines. Party rooms are available – I recommend eating your cake after you jump.

Check out this YouTube video to get a better idea of what I am talking about. Words can only do so much. And in case you’re not convinced, here’s another video of a similar park.

Get Air Wichita is aiming for a Spring 2014 opening. See you there!

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