Advance Catastrophe Technologies

Brand new ground-up corporate headquarters. The building was divided into a large storage area for client material storage and an office/training area. Advanced Catastrophe Technologies helps prepare clients before, during, and after disasters. A significant portion of the facility is set up to bring in clients’ damaged possessions to clean and restore them.

Another unique aspect of the project is the training facility, which includes a large training room flanked by two mock hotel rooms. One is a smoke room and the other is a wet room, allowing for realistic training in the restoration of hotel rooms.

The office area is designed to be a place of gathering, celebration, and collaboration, following the current trend of making the break area the heart of the facility. This allows team members to take breaks together, socialize, and collaborate. An outdoor space right outside the gathering area expands the facility’s usability, providing additional ways to enjoy the space.

A pre-engineered metal building was utilized for a more economical structural system, allowing the owner to maximize the value of the spaces used by the team. Clerestories were incorporated in both the storage area and the main gathering area to allow maximum natural light into the facility.

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