A project’s success is based on 3 things: Understanding the “why”, earning trust, and being a partner.  3ten strives to be a partner on your project.  A partner is concerned with all aspects of a project.  Every decision should drive you toward your goal.  What would I do if this was my building, my money , if I had to live in it?  Being able to answer those questions will make our solution more genuine.

With trust, projects run smoother. But trust must be earned. Every day we must work to earn and maintain trust. We must communicate clearly and be upfront and honest when our opinions differ. A good team collaborates and trusts everyone involved to work toward the success of a project.

3ten strives to understand why. It is one thing to know the answer but greater knowledge is gained by the journey.

Accomplish Our objectives


We’ve all been taught that good communication starts with listening. The next step is even more critical, and that is to be willing to learn from what’s been said. First, we check our egos at the door. We should not presuppose the problem or the solution. How often do you hear someone chiming in with a solution before you have the chance to tell them the problem? Instead, we strive to understand the motivation behind what our clients are telling us. Hearing the answer to a question is one thing but learning why the client gave that answer is where the value lies. Question, question, question then once we think we get it, we ask a couple more. We use communication, not to presuppose an outcome, but to use our expertise to guide clients toward solutions that are uniquely theirs.


In order to find a solution you need to know why there is a problem. Then understand the desire behind solving that problem. Knowing why we are doing what we are doing will give purpose and meaning with each stroke of the pen. We strive to understand the goals and objectives for a project at the start so we can provide the necessary constraints and produce the best possible outcome.


Any successful relationship requires honest communication. True growth is only possible through tough conversations. We are upfront about our expertise and limitations so we can bring forth the most important questions and offer proper guidance. If you don’t know, ask. If you are confused, request clarification. If you don’t agree, respectfully explain. We want clients to be forthcoming with concerns, never afraid to express opinions, and we expect the same courageous candor from ourselves.

Community involvement.

We love our communities. We desire to live in a beautiful place. Our profession is all about beautifying our surroundings. Our goal is to always leave our projects more beautiful than we found them. We also desire to leave the communities we call home more beautiful. We have the unique skill set to see what can be, not just what is. We love our neighbors, we support them and their dreams.

Follow through. 

Actions speak louder than words. We communicate what we will do but, more importantly, we always do what we say we will do. We understand people love a good idea, but they want to see that idea become a reality, otherwise the idea lives on paper alone. Grand ideas may get clients in the door but it’s the follow-through that builds lasting trust.


We are passionate about what our clients are passionate about. There is a reason they are where they are and ready to grow. It’s their passion that made their success possible. We let that passion energize our work. We are with clients in that moment, then we walk alongside them throughout the process, putting ourselves in their shoes. Passion breeds hard work, and hard work creates success.


Sometimes an architect’s instinct is to say “no.” Still, we wait and listen. We listen and seek to understand the motivation behind the request. Just because that is not the way we have done it in the past doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it now. We are catalysts for solutions, so we ebb and flow within each project.


Our clients’ pockets are not bottomless. Even if they were, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of their resources. Every line we draw has an impact on the project, from the cost and quality of the project to the impact on the environment. We keep the client’s goals at the forefront, strive to understand the implications of every decision and ladder every decision to the goal.

Shared Success.

Success is more fun when it is shared. We share the project goals with the full project team so they can all be a part of the success. Then we ensure they have the resources to accomplish their tasks. Of course, we always look for ways to make our clients more successful, including unexpected opportunities that go above or beyond scope.


Life is too short not to enjoy what you are doing. We make the process fun! Our job is awesome and we are lucky to get the chance to wake up every morning and do what we do. We want everyone on the project to share that passion and enjoy the journey as much as we hope they’ll enjoy the finished product.

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