A project’s success is based on 3 things: Understanding the “why”, earning trust, and being a partner.  3ten strives to be a partner on your project.  A partner is concerned with all aspects of a project.  Every decision should drive you toward your goal.  What would I do if this was my building, my money , if I had to live in it?  Being able to answer those questions will make our solution more genuine.

With trust, projects run smoother. But trust must be earned. Every day we must work to earn and maintain trust. We must communicate clearly and be upfront and honest when our opinions differ. A good team collaborates and trusts everyone involved to work toward the success of a project.

3ten strives to understand why. It is one thing to know the answer but greater knowledge is gained by the journey.

Accomplish Our objectives


Understand not just the answer but why the question was asked in the first place and what brought them to the conclusion. Communication starts with listening.

Understand the motivation

Knowing why a partner is doing what they are doing will give purpose and meaning to each stroke of the pen. Knowing goals and objectives for a project at the start will provide the necessary constraints which will produce a better outcome.


Gently be forth coming with concerns and never be afraid to express your thoughts. If you don’t know, ask. If you are confused, request clarification. If you don’t agree, respectfully explain.

Community involvement

Give back to your community. Our profession is all about beautifying our surroundings. We leave our projects with more beauty than we found them. This also pertains to the communities we impact. We have the unique skill set to see what can be not just what is.

Follow through

Never say what you are going to do, do what you are going to say.


Passion breads hard work, hard work creates success.


Ebb and flow with your project. Say yes, even when your mind wants to say no. Figure out the motive behind the request and be the catalyst for the resolution.


Act like it is your money. Strive to understand the implications of every decision. Relate those decisions back to the motivation.

Help others succeed

Get to know your team on a personal level. Relay the project goals and objectives to the entire team. Define expectations and hold the team accountable. The project will only be as successful as the team.

Enjoy what you do

Enjoy what you do and what you do will become amazing!  As we work with our clients that passion will result in their win.

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