Brian Stimatze

Brian Stimatze


Architecture has been a part of my life since childhood. What started as a 3rd grade book report became the conduit to my life’s dream. From then on, I was intrigued by the concept of connecting different materials together to construct a structure suitable for human habitation. This passion was solidified when I heard architect Louis Kahn say, “even a brick wants to be something.” Like humans, something as simple as a brick aspires to be part of something bigger than itself.

For me, architecture is a combination of art and science. My responsibility is grounded in believing that architecture can impact society by making communities better, more livable. While most are attracted to the aesthetic value of space and form, we at 3ten are equally responsive to the challenge of bringing meaningful, supportive and responsible solutions to the built environment.

I believe a successful project resides somewhere between the freedom to be creative and the responsibility to the physical environment. I pride myself on being pragmatic regarding issue resolution for each project task, and strive to meet the programming, scheduling and budgetary requirements essential for the success of your project.

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