Justin Parks


I like history, specifically antiquities. I’m not a big collector, but I admire people who have the eye and energy to collect and preserve the past. I believe we can only be successful moving forward if we consistently look back, and this shows in my work. I focus a lot of time researching art and design from past generations, and see my own designs through this lens.

The environments created by communities, families and individuals also fascinate me. This is why I start by listening to clients. I want to arrange a space or create a structure that will make a positive impact on their lives and daily living. My sketch only becomes a true design when it’s informed by the dreams and goals of the people who will be using the space.

Change is constant, and that works for me because I actively avoid stagnation. The field of architecture is constantly evolving, and so am I. Really, as an architectural designer, I’m a problem-solver. So in order to find the best solution, my philosophy is to keep our clients moving forward. Together we will discover the most positive path.

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