Chad Glenn



As a kid, I started into architecture thinking how exciting it would be to sit behind my desk and draw all day long. Upon graduation and entering into the work force, I soon came to realize it was much more than that. I found what I truly enjoy; relationships. As architects, we are the glue that holds a project together. We get to interact with multi-millionaires in addition to the guys hanging sheet rock. To be successful, a great architect needs to be able to connect and interact with many types of personalities. We need to be able to pull the best out of each person and lead the project to the ideal solution. An architect must be a leader AND a team player.

On that note, a project is only as successful as its team. Inspiring a team and understanding its abilities then pushing them—sometimes past their perceived capabilities—brings about a great project. I would never ask of someone something that I personally would not do myself. If you are unable to play in a team atmosphere and you think your agenda is more important than anyone else, I would prefer working with someone else. Building a team, working toward a common goal, discovering each team members strengths and accomplishing something great brings joy to my work.

It is not my nature to ponder what is, but to dream about what could be. My vision for the future is always bright. I know change is possible and I will be a piece of that change. Never settle for what you have—always reach for what is next.

License held in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Arizona

Habitat for Humanity
Construction Volunteer

2004-2006 AIA
Kansas Director at Large

2006 AIA
Kansas Conference Co-chair

Kansas State University College of Architecture
Studio Critic

Center for Real Estate Development

Big Brother’s Big Sister’s
Big Brother

Big Brother’s Big Sister’s

American Diabetes Association

Tour de Cure
Board Member

American Heart Association Heart Ball Event


Young Professionals of Wichita
Enhance Community Project Property Supervisor 2008-2010

Wichita Business Journals’
2011 40 Under 40 honoree

Young Professionals of Wichita
Enhance Community Project – Chair 2010-2012

Young Professionals of Wichita
Chair 2012

Safe Streets Youth Core
Community project leader Marshall Middle School 2012

Wichita Chamber of Commerce
Board 2011-2012

Wichita Chamber of Commerce
Executive board 2012

Go Wichita
Board 2012-2013

Wichita Bicycle Plan
Steering Committee 2012

Girl Scouts of the Heartland
Board member 2016-present

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