Air Capital Flight Line

Wichita, often referred to as the “Air Capital of the World,” has a rich history in aviation, and 3Ten had the absolute pleasure of adding to that history by working on the Air Capital Flight Line Hanger and offices in Wichita for NIAR WERX. “WERX provides engineering, modification/repair/overhaul, environmental test and flight test/certification services.”¹

When the owner came to us with his ideas, he had a clear vision to reuse salvage steel ‘I’ beams in some way around the exterior. Our lead Design Manager on the project, Sequius De la Torre, brought that vision to life by creating a floating structure with beams crossing diagonally along the front windows. Several factors came into play when choosing design elements like efficiency and climate control. Choosing just the right kind of glass and adding a double layer ensures that the interior offices will not freeze during winter. Other aesthetic elements like the “cloud” black and yellow ceiling design not only serve for a modern look but also help reduce echo and sound travel. Construction ended in Fall 2022, and the final touches were completed this summer. Thoughtful choices of colors and texture helped bring the space to life, and the final result gave the NIAR WERK team a visually stunning industrial modern workplace, testing center, and hanger.

Collaborative Partners:
Civil and Structural Engineer: MKEC
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing: Pike Consulting Engineers



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