Chelsea DeLay

Chief Operating Officer

Growing up, I was intrigued with both residential and commercial structures. At the age of four, my fondness for architecture and design became increasingly evident when my parents decided to build the home I grew up in. During the initial design phase and during construction, I insisted on helping my mom draw the floorplan, wanted to tag along to pick out finishes and I often found myself daydreaming about how we would decorate each room. A few years later, I became fascinated with city skylines. On family road trips, my dad would quiz me on what city we were approaching based solely on the skyline off in the distance. During my college years, my interest was piqued by human and consumer behavior, and I opted to study business, marketing, and the art of communication. I had a desire to understand the intricacies of business operations and was fascinated by human behavior. I knew that by taking the business route, I’d likely end up working in one of those incredible buildings I admired as a young girl.

Throughout my career, I’ve dedicated my time, energy, and aptitude towards constructing and scaling corporate departments as well as structuring successful cross-functional teams for start-ups and small businesses. My experience has led me to discover my niche as an integrator, specializing in customer experience, establishing efficiencies, and motivating others to achieve excellence.

At 3ten, I get to combine my fascination with function and creativity with the desire to connect with people and connect people with their potential. As a devout quality time seeker, I enjoy spending time discovering, educating, and inspiring our team to expand their fan base of partners and clients. Success for me is providing the support needed to bring more dreams, concepts, and ideas to life!

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