Chase Cartwright

Project Support

Being born and raised in Kansas with an architect as a father put me into close proximity to architecture and the local industry basically from birth. Despite that, I went to College at WSU and WSU Tech for Computer Science and Information Technology respectively, while working for years in food service & manual labor jobs. Only by happenstance, while helping with some IT concerns at my father’s architectural offices, did I fall in love with CAD work. The rest is history! I took up CAD like a passion from there, taught myself everything I could at home in my free time, and started working as a draftsman as soon as I had the ability!

I really enjoy the technical process of translating a real life building footprint into CAD, and get much the same satisfaction out of it as one would from finishing a table top puzzle! Conversely, I also really enjoy drawing up a building that doesn’t exist yet, and getting to see my work realized as the structure comes together! Being able to have a hand in making people’s dreams a reality holds real gravity when you get to see their dream home, office, business, etc. get built in real time!

Working in an architectural firm teaches you a lot about working on projects that are bigger than yourself. You learn consider not just your own interests, but your client, engineers, contractors, and all of their associated employees that will be using your work as a guideline for long after you have finished your portion of the project. I try and maintain that level of outside consideration and apply it to my life where possible. Making the lives of those around you a little easier almost always has the net result of making everyone’s lives a little easier! And we can all appreciate when life gets a little easier!

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