Lea Byars


Design is about making spaces beautiful and I’ve been passionate about design literally my whole life. When I was a child, I redecorated the walls of my bedroom every week. My parents let me rearrange the furniture in my room many times over. They were “do-it-yourselfers” so, growing up, there was always something being remodeled inside or outside of our house. I loved watching the updates and changes unfold. My father was especially good at making spaces both functional and totally unique. I carried this balance between beauty and function into college and naturally studied interior design.

Now at 3ten, I thrive in our collaborative, client-centered culture. We attract innovative clients and I get most excited about working with those who want to be inspired, even challenged.

Everywhere I go, I look for inspiration. That means I use free time to pore through design magazines and websites. And even when I travel for fun, I search for spectacular designs, shapes and colors to inform my projects at work.

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