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Tired of the status quo when it comes to your career in architecture?

Our Novel Vision for the Architectural Industry

We see things a bit differently at 3ten. This shines through not only in our finished work but through how we work. And, how we go about achieving great results for our clients.

Before we get into our unique approach to business, though, picture this:

The First Encounter

After grabbing a drink from the bar, you make your way into the middle of the room where this evening’s mixer is happening. You already know many of the folks mingling about as you gaze around the room, looking for someone to strike up a conversation. That’s when you notice someone you’ve never met making their way toward you. Being a consummate professional, you make eye contact, say “hi!”, and quickly strike up a conversation. You find out they work for XYZ Major Architecture Firm and you just so happen to be in the market for renovating your own firm’s office space. You are quickly impressed with their ability to feed back your ideas, articulate your vision, and generally understand your goals and aspirations for your project. After a pleasant conversation and swapping cards, you both agree to meet again; at their office for a more formal conversation about your project. Inspired, you leave the mixer looking forward to working with this person and his firm.

The Official Meeting

After a week of anticipation, you roll into the parking stall marked “Client Parking” in front of the very-swanky XYZ Major Architecture Firm offices. You immediately feel even more hip. You meet up in the lobby and they introduce their colleagues, including one of the founders of the firm, Mr. X. You couldn’t be more thrilled with your choice—and the project hasn’t even started! 

You sign on the dotted line and begin the engagement. Everyone at the table is thrilled and you truly feel that things are finally going your way.

The Cold, Hard Reality

You slam your hand on the desk, atop the blueprints piled between you and your [junior] project manager sitting across the table. “This is nothing like what I asked for,” you howl. “It’s been weeks of back and forth only to get here?!” You find yourself asking, since the project began, what happened to that guy that seemed to just “get” my project? Where is Mr. X? Where did my vision go?

The 3ten Way

While the story above is symbolic, it’s not far from the reality experienced by many well-meaning owners hiring an architect to help with their project. You know, everything was going great for our hero up until the time of execution, where everything fell apart and the firm failed to help our hero recognize the vision of the project. The fact is, 3ten’s unique business model provides our clients with superior service and projects developed with true passion and care. It’s not a new concept in the world of business—simply new to our industry. 

In simple terms it puts the architect or project manager in charge of their own destiny. They begin with business development and end with happy owners. One highly-competent Architectural Owner (we call them AO’s, and they are backed by an internal network of equally-competent AO’s who knowledge-share rather than pass the buck) to help you every step of the way. Each of our Architectural Owner’s success is directly tied to the success of their projects by providing each client a great outcome. In short, they succeed when you succeed.

Empowered to Succeed in All Areas of the Business

Not only are our AO’s consummate professionals, they are also great communicators, and great people. We opted to replace costly business development staff with soft skill training and development. We feel it is important for clients to have a deep relationship with their architect firm and not be passed around the building. We handle the business-related minutiae so they can focus on what they do best—providing you with a top notch experience.  

Interested in our Architectural Owner (AO) Program?

Are you an architect or project manager with the drive to achieve great things? Our culture is not for everyone and we’re okay with that. So, don’t feel bad if this doesn’t sound up your alley. We simply aren’t in this game to fill seats and crank out drawings. We really care. We are driven to achieve better. We put in the work because it’s the right thing to do. And, after the project, we provide you with the support you need to accomplish visions of any shape and size.

Sound like a fit? We look forward to connecting with you.

3ten. The way architecture was meant to be done.

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