Partnering to make your project better

Written by: Chad Glenn

What happens when success or failure directly affects you? It is easy to draw a line but to feel ownership of that line? What if that line directly related to your success? Would you not take more care and thought in how you draw that line? You would ask questions and understand the value of that line. You would understand why that line is drawn and how it should be drawn. You will strive to know how that line moves us closer or further from the projects motivation.

Being a partner means every decision not only affects you, it affects me – indeed, it affects us. Together a team is able to accomplish more than the individual. (Insert cliché inspirational team quote of your choice). And a partnership has far-reaching implications for all involved. It is saying, “I put my reputation and my own financial stake on what I am saying and what we are attempting to achieve.” If that is true then I know they have my – or more precisely our – best interests in mind.

You could hire people to draw ‘x’ number of lines for ‘x’ amount of money, or you could have an investor, someone to stand beside you with your dreams, to offer their expertise. I go where you go help you achieve success, because your success is my success. This also puts responsibility on you. This concept takes others who are investing themselves, others who have that same drive to succeed and make something better. This kind of success takes communication and honesty. It requires follow-through from the entire team. It requires flexibility; what you came for might not be what we end up with – it will be better. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The effect of success impacts our entire society. Let’s talk dreams and goals. Let’s talk about where you want to go. Let’s work together to get there.

*Photo of M.T. Ligget, Kansas Artist.

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