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Written by: Chad Glenn

I may be an architect by education and trade, but my true passion lies in entrepreneurship and development.  Which means I love working and conversing with others that have a similar passion.  The concept is simple, answer a question or solve a problem which in turn creates a demand for what you do.  You can then turn that demand for your solution into a profit.  How do you bring value and demand to something to make it financially viable?  You need to understand the market you are serving, and you must have a skill set to come up with a solution.

Architects rendering of a tiny-living concept for a two-story, multifamily investment property in Wichita, KS ideal for real estate investing

Micro living converted a meh investment into a BOOM! 

I enjoy development projects and love real estate as an investment.  The problem is adding value to a piece of real estate, bring it here and let me show you a solution.  I have the skill set to see and envision what could be.  I understand that a project needs to be financially feasible and provide a reasonable return not just to be successful but to be viable long term.  Of course, when clients bring projects to me, they expect this.  It goes deeper than that because I expect that as I have personally invested my money in real estate.   I choose to invest in real estate because the built environment is what I know and where my passion lies. Below are my top ten reasons I personally invest in real estate:

My top 10 Reasons I invest in real estate:

1-Earn passive income:My career is typically a profession that requires you to be sitting at your desk in order to get paid.  Making me feel guilty when I take that vacation.   Real Estate allows me to be making money while I relax at the beach

2-Diversification: Yes, I have money in the stock market, but I don’t really know what that means.  So, I take some of my money and put it into something I know.

3-Ability to add instant value: That ability to take an underperforming piece of property put money into it and if done right instantly have a property worth more than the money you have invested.

4-Tax advantages:  Value appreciation is sheltered from tax until you sell the property.  There are also tax deductions to be applied to income coming in.  When you improve a property that money can be considered a tax write off while you have also improved the value of the property.

5-Scarcity:  There is a limited amount of land available in our world.  As long as world population continues to increase there will be a need for more places for people to occupy. Hence the need for real estate will always be around.

6-Relatively stable:  Stocks value can drop dramatically with one wrong turn even to 0.  Real estate will always have some intrinsic value as outlined in reason 5.

7-Physical asset: I can step foot on my investment. I guess I can technically visit the companies that I invest in with my 401k but really?

8-Community improvement:  I love giving back to my community and what a better way to give back then to invest in improving underperforming property?

9-It is fun:  Being able to have a vision or a dream of what could be is cool but watching that dream come out of the ground is an amazing feeling.  And better yet seeing that dream be a success.  There is a reason HGTV is so popular everyone loves to dream, but o so much more fun to do.

I said ten, didn’t I?  Like in real estate, always be ready to adapt and change never be so set in your ways that it won’t allow you to try something new or work outside of the norms.  Don’t be afraid to break the rules or step outside of what everyone else is doing.  An investment is an investment if it is good go for it.

Architects rendering of a retail shopping center for real estate investment - Wichita, KS

Don’t count out the retail centers

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of risk with real estate investing just like any investment but for me and my general knowledge about the built environment and market conditions these risks are minimized.

So, what does all of this have to do with you?  I am looking for partners.  I am looking for likeminded individuals with or without the real estate experience.  Those capable of brining something to the table, a concept, an existing underperforming property, cash, or any other skill set that helps with these development projects.

Architects rendering of multifamily residential property at the blocks, a real estate investment complex in Wichita, KS

The Blocks needs an investor

Whether you currently have real estate in your portfolio or not, I would love to hear your, why.  Why you do or what is stopping you from pulling that trigger.

Understand why, earn trust and be a partner.

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