Volunteering to help our neighbor Bill

Written by: Chad Glenn

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Sponsoring to help a neighbor, Bill

Bill has lived in his house since he was a young boy. He relayed memories of his father taking care of the home when he was young. He told me what the yard and house use to look like. To his memory the house has always been white other than the one year his father painted it silver, not grey, silver, shiny reflective silver. He didn’t know why and remembers that it didn’t last long. They use to have a garden and remember his mother canning after harvesting their garden. The garden is long gone, the paint is once again white, at least what has not flaked off. Bill is an avid outdoorsman, hunting and fishing any chance he can get and as his health allows. Bill now has a bad back and has a hard time keeping up with the demands his house let alone any hunting or fishing.

3ten Studio is sponsoring the revitalization of Bill’s home. We need your help. You can be a master craftsman, world renowned painter, weekend remodeler, paint brush holder, hole digger or inexperienced in any of this. Even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty you can be our cheer leader keeping the crew hydrated, we need all of you! We will be cleaning, repairing and helping him with general maintenance. This project will include repainting with a fresh coat of white paint, trimming up of the overgrown trees, removing trash from his property, repair and painting of his front porch, installation of new storm windows and landscaping. Don’t worry even if you don’t have the experience we can teach you we just need your hands. Come join Bill and me as we take one Saturday and help him bring his home back to how he remembers it as a kid. This is a one day event that allows us to get out of the office and get our hands dirty to improve a house, a neighborhood, and our community. A chance for us to work together as a team and bring a sense of joy and pride to a fellow neighbor. We work hard but more importantly we have fun. Please follow the link below and sign up. Under the notes request to be on the 3ten Studio home.

Please follow the link below and sign up. Under the notes request to be on the 3ten Studio home.

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