Ten reasons I fly fish

Written by: Chad Glenn

I am going off subject with this post. No architecture, no business, although this list will reflect my passion for place. I went fly fishing awhile back with my father. When I was talking with my wife about going, her look of surprise was understandable and her question was valid: “But you don’t fish?” So then why do I enjoy fly fishing?

10. For me it is the most animal friendly form of hunting, no actual flies are hurt and I rarely catch a fish. If I were to catch one it is released back to the river. I have nothing against hunting I am just not a blood and guts kind of guy.

Fly Fishing in the Mountains

9. The best spots are surrounded by beauty. Rivers carve through some of the most beautiful countryside. Have you ever seen a picture of a someone fly fishing and say, “what a dump”.

8. Flies are some of the smallest works of art. If you haven’t seen a fly tied, check it out, truly amazing. As far as I know they are all still tied by hand and typically around $1 each. Arguable the least expensive piece of art you can buy.

Fly Fishing

7. I get to play in the water, just like when I was a kid and my mom won’t get mad. I always pressed my mom to allow me to go outside during a storm and when she said no I would sit by the window and watch.

6. The sound of a running river beats the sound of traffic any day. Amazing that such a powerful force can be so calming.

Fly Fishing River

5. I don’t get cell phone service on the river. Or at least that is what I tell everyone and what I will continue to believe. Although it is hard for me to let go of my connection to the outside world I refuse to take my phone on the river.

4. The river is a long ways from my office. Traveling does a person good. Sometimes you need to get a fresh perspective, get outside of routine to find inspiration.

Fly Fishing Arizona

3. The beauty and power if water is inspiring. One drop alone won’t do much but if pull enough drops together and with enough time it can truly shape our world. Something so refreshing, life giving and fluid can really carve the earth into some amazing shapes.

2. It is a chance to be alone. There are fewer and fewer places left in our busy world to be with yourself. The stillness and quiet can let the mind think and focus or if need be refocus.

The most important reason I fly fish….

My Father

1. My father fly fishes. I love my father and I don’t get to spend enough time with him,and what better way than getting to be a part of what he enjoys.

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