Residence – Sheridan

A home with a vacation built in. Two homes on one site with a pool between. Contemporary details set this home apart. Large windows provide great views through the space. Come join us by the pool and enjoy the sunset.

930 Douglas – Odd Fellows Hall

The historic renovation of 930 Douglas was a true work of passion.  Bringing back a historical gem of Delano right down the street from our office.  This was our neighbor and it needed serious help.  We carefully rehabbed the exterior of the building maintaining the beauty of the building while removing the clutter that had […]

The Blocks

The "Blocks"

The “blocks” are a mid-range, infill, multifamily, mixed-use, building/complex. The blocks offer a variety of outdoor spaces and opportunities to open the building up. The building’s stairwell is interior and thus semi-private. The stair doubles as a light shaft allowing the sun to filter into the interior of each floor and, at the same time, increase […]

M13 Apartment project

M13 Apartment project

Tight irregular shaped site required a unique look at the layout of the complex to maximize the building and parking lot layouts.

Pinnacle Lofts and Apartments

Pinnacle Lofts and Apartments

72 unit ground up apartment project. Pie shaped lot had too many easements running through it making the build able area too small for development. Worked closely with city to help rework easements and setbacks to provide additional multifamily units in the down town area.

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