The Blocks

The "Blocks"

The “blocks” are a mid-range, infill, multifamily, mixed-use, building/complex.

The blocks offer a variety of outdoor spaces and opportunities to open the building up. The building’s stairwell is interior and thus semi-private. The stair doubles as a light shaft allowing the sun to filter into the interior of each floor and, at the same time, increase air circulation when windows are open.

The living room and dining room have their own balcony and the two bedrooms open up to a shared patio space that also connects to the entrance. Every space that you regularly occupy has direct access to an outdoor space. The windowed walls to the balcony spaces are designed to open up and blur the line between outside and in.

There are three units per building with room for a carport/garage at ground level.  The unit is based on a 40’x40’x40′ cube resting atop a concrete base. Each floor layout rotates 90 degrees from the layout below.  The structural spans are less than 16 feet while keeping all the spaces column-free. Depending on location there is opportunity for a small retail/office space creating a live/work arrangement within the same building. This space can also be utilized as a shared community room/workout facility or management office for a larger complex.

Landscaping exists in the form of planters at the balcony location, allowing extra privacy, a chance to give some green back to the environment and a yet another way to bring the outdoors in to you.

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