Chris Nastars

Growing up in Austin, Texas, the environment surrounding me always stressed to be as unique as you can be and never settle. Those fundamentals have stuck with me throughout my life, and I still keep them close to this day. When I moved to Wichita in high school, I was still trying to figure out […]

Patrick Johnson

From a young age, I played with Legos and liked to draw castle floor plans. Not realizing this then, I was setting the stage for my love for architecture. Growing up in rural Missouri, I appreciated learning about different cultures and seeing the work of the Renaissance masters. For college, I started at Johnson County […]

Bayanne Halimeh

Having lived overseas for 10 years and traveled to various countries when I was young, I realized the differences in history, cultures, and geography of one country is reflected in its Architecture of both exterior and interior buildings. This passion led me to pursue a career in architecture, where I now see the world through […]

Chase Cartwright

Being born and raised in Kansas with an architect as a father put me into close proximity to architecture and the local industry basically from birth. Despite that, I went to College at WSU and WSU Tech for Computer Science and Information Technology respectively, while working for years in food service & manual labor jobs. […]

Brooke Jeffcoat

Before becoming the 3ten Marketing Coordinator, I started out with a background in church office and communications administration, as well as preschool teaching. All of these jobs may seem quite different on the surface but they share a few common threads that run deep, effective communication and learning how to foster community. A big part […]

Lea Byars

Design is about making spaces beautiful and I’ve been passionate about design literally my whole life. When I was a child, I redecorated the walls of my bedroom every week. My parents let me rearrange the furniture in my room many times over. They were “do-it-yourselfers” so, growing up, there was always something being remodeled inside […]

Shawna Richards

After college, I spent several years in the corporate world.  After getting married and starting a family I immediately knew my purpose was to stay home and raise my two boys.  Working as a stay-at-home mom opened my eyes to the value of having time with family. In 2012, I had the opportunity to lead […]

Thomas Grey Interiors

Thomas Grey Interiors is an independently owned, full service interior design firm specializing in residential and light commercial design projects. Owner/designer Rachel Thomas applies her abundant optimism, professional partnerships, and a deep understanding of design principles within all design styles and budgets. Thomas Grey Interiors brings design visions to life, from concept to completion, transforming […]

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