Retail Success: The Strip Center

International Council of Shopping Centers

This post is about the “strip/convenience center” (as classified by International Council of Shopping Centers; see full list at ICSC classifications). This is a row of stores or service outlets managed as a coherent retail entity, with on-site parking and no enclosed walkways linking stores. These centers are among the smallest of centers, whose tenants […]

(your name here) architecture firm

Independent Architect

Are you ready to have your own architecture firm? Tired of running a great project and all you get is a pat on the back? Do you wonder where all those fees are going?  They obviously aren’t going to you. Shouldn’t you be compensated for your hard work? Are you worried about going it alone? […]

History VS Progress: Can’t we all just get along?

History vs Progress

Here in Wichita we have an opportunity to move forward and create something amazing. To some, the underside of a railroad bridge may not seem like a big deal. But when it’s a primary path between two areas that will continue to grow with increased interaction, it becomes critical. Thank you Wichita Downtown Development Corporation […]

Adaptive reuse trampoline park

1st and New York

If you drive by the intersection of 1st Street and New York in Wichita, you will see the reuse of a former warehouse space into a place where you can jump, party and play. Get Air is a growing chain of trampoline parks with locations across the country, and now, finally here in Wichita. The […]

Dream it, build it, live it

Chad Glenn

Deciding to take that next step and transitioning into a space of your own (whether you’re a first-timer or an old pro) is a big decision. The majority of my clients will only do one, maybe two building projects in their lives. If you are one of those — or know someone who is ready […]

Mixed-use “blocks” concept

The "Blocks"

3ten Studio “blocks” are a mid-range, infill, multifamily, mixed-use, building/complex. That is a mouthful, as it should be. This project packs a lot of punch into a compact space. At 1600sf per floor, our blocks offer more than just unparalleled efficiency. Examples includes a variety of outdoor spaces and not-your-average glazing. The building’s stairwell is […]

Partnering to make your project better

What happens when success or failure directly affects you? It is easy to draw a line but to feel ownership of that line? What if that line directly related to your success? Would you not take more care and thought in how you draw that line? You would ask questions and understand the value of […]

Trust is to be earned

Photo of a strong architectural structure representing trust and being a partner

It takes extra effort to earn trust. And I like to believe the best in mankind and to believe we are all trustworthy. Unfortunately, in today’s world there is so much rhetoric and “washing” going on that it is hard to know which statements are accurate and how they impact you. Is a diet cookie […]

“Why”, what do you mean by that?

It is so often asked and yet so seldom understood. To simply ask “why” does not go deep enough into what brought a person to their conclusion. It doesn’t get to the underlying thought process. That’s because; concepts are limited to one’s experience and preconceived notions. Each team member brings an area of expertise to […]

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