Texas St. Fixer Upper

Remodeling a home is a challenge that is totally worth it. A little over two months ago, my boyfriend Austin and I bought our first home together. It definitely needed some help but we were up for the challenge. Here’s the play-by-play for those who love to live vicariously. We hope you enjoy reading about […]

Dental Office Fixer Upper

Cirrus Dental

“If I didn’t have Chip Gaines in my life, I’d still be dreaming in my head – but not acting out on any of that, not living it out” Joanna Gaines What emotions/feeling does your dentist office inspire in you?  Are you excited to go back.  Do your kids talk about it and ask when is […]

Girl Scouts of the Heartland Shooting Range

Your community needs you. At 3ten we start with the basics: Understanding the “why”, earning trust and be a partner. One of the ways we accomplish these basics is through “community involvement”. Read the other nine. Giving back. Currently I sit on the Board for the Girl Scouts of the Heartland.  I also utilize my […]

Historic Building Renovations Require Constraint

My son and I went to a flea market this weekend.  It was ton of fun as there was a large variety of stuff. New mixed in with the old.  Of course my son and I had to hit all the toy booths.  One of the coolest things we saw was this large Millennium Falcon […]

Real Estate Investing

Architects rendering of multi-family property ideal when investing in real estate

I may be an architect by education and trade, but my true passion lies in entrepreneurship and development.  Which means I love working and conversing with others that have a similar passion.  The concept is simple, answer a question or solve a problem which in turn creates a demand for what you do.  You can […]

Investing in multi-family the micro living way

Downtown/Old Town Renovation

A lot of architects promise to “ask why, earn trust and be a partner.” That’s nice, but so what? I mean, what does that really look like and how does it relate to building projects? The 140 Lofts are a prime example of how this plays out in the design process.

House on the lake

Glenn Residence Lake House

Lake house design for new family residence. Home to include an upper level dedicated to the children with two bedrooms, library, study area and jack and jill restroom. Library overlooks main level living area. Main area living is a two story space which includes kitchen, dining and living area with fire place. Patio space opens […]

Engage your architect NOW!

When to hire an architect

This may go down as my shortest blog post ever because really I have just one word to answer the question of when you need an architect: Now. But I suppose you may want more so I will unpack that. Architects are idea generators. We see the world as it could be. If you have […]

Volunteering to help our neighbor Bill

Sponsoring to help a neighbor, Bill

Bill has lived in his house since he was a young boy. He relayed memories of his father taking care of the home when he was young. He told me what the yard and house use to look like. To his memory the house has always been white other than the one year his father […]

Ten reasons I fly fish

Ten reasons I fly fish

I am going off subject with this post. No architecture, no business, although this list will reflect my passion for place. I went fly fishing awhile back with my father. When I was talking with my wife about going, her look of surprise was understandable and her question was valid: “But you don’t fish?” So […]

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