Chase Cartwright

Being born and raised in Kansas with an architect as a father put me into close proximity to architecture and the local industry basically from birth. Despite that, I went to College at WSU and WSU Tech for Computer Science and Information Technology respectively, while working for years in food service & manual labor jobs. […]

Brooke Jeffcoat

Before becoming the 3ten Marketing Coordinator, I started out with a background in church office and communications administration, as well as preschool teaching. All of these jobs may seem quite different on the surface but they share a few common threads that run deep, effective communication and learning how to foster community. A big part […]

Lea Byars

Design is about making spaces beautiful and I’ve been passionate about design literally my whole life. When I was a child, I redecorated the walls of my bedroom every week. My parents let me rearrange the furniture in my room many times over. They were “do-it-yourselfers” so, growing up, there was always something being remodeled inside […]

Shawna Richards

After college, I spent several years in the corporate world.  After getting married and starting a family I immediately knew my purpose was to stay home and raise my two boys.  Working as a stay-at-home mom opened my eyes to the value of having time with family. In 2012, I had the opportunity to lead […]

Chelsea DeLay

Growing up, I was intrigued with both residential and commercial structures. At the age of four, my fondness for architecture and design became increasingly evident when my parents decided to build the home I grew up in. During the initial design phase and during construction, I insisted on helping my mom draw the floorplan, wanted […]

Richard Warren

When I decided to further my education in architecture, my vision was to design functional commercial buildings and “cool,” highly usable residential homes, and to move quickly from project to project. I learned that’s the tip of the iceberg in architecture. There are so many more dimensions to this practice; literally every day I learn […]

Justin Parks

I like history, specifically antiquities. I’m not a big collector, but I admire people who have the eye and energy to collect and preserve the past. I believe we can only be successful moving forward if we consistently look back, and this shows in my work. I focus a lot of time researching art and […]

Brian Stimatze

Architecture has been a part of my life since childhood. What started as a 3rd grade book report became the conduit to my life’s dream. From then on, I was intrigued by the concept of connecting different materials together to construct a structure suitable for human habitation. This passion was solidified when I heard architect […]

Chad Glenn

As a kid, I started into architecture thinking how exciting it would be to sit behind my desk and draw all day long. Upon graduation and entering into the work force, I soon came to realize it was much more than that. I found what I truly enjoy; relationships. As architects, we are the glue […]

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